About Article Smart

Are you an article writer?

A content creator?

A person frustrated with the quality of guidance out there?

We feel you!

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Article Smart is for modern content creators, by modern content creators.

We became sick of the glut of low-quality information for today’s writers.

Instead of moaning over yet another flat white, we decided to do something about it.

Article Smart is that very something.

We aim to make this the destination of choice for modern content creators looking to create valuable, useful content in the smartest way possible.

No more truisms from washed up writers and editors who ramble on about the golden days.

Article Smart is for modern, positive, forward thinking writers.

We are not here to be negative, complain, or reinforce tired stereotypes about writers.

We want Article Smart to serve as a breath of fresh air. A place of positivity. A place to seek solutions, not snark.

Want to be part of a modern, positive, innovative writing hub? Welcome to the party. We’re happy to have you here 🙂